Best simple way to take a screenshot on PC or laptop

best simple way to take a screenshot

When working with new posts or for customers, or simply to keep information that is important to me, I found my self in need of a versatile, esay to handle, fast efficient and free tool to take screenshots. After trying different options, I decided that the best simple way to take a screenshot on PC or laptop is this incredible tool:


I´ve been working with this for quite a while now, and I can guarantee that it is really excellent. The configuration is simple, the options cover the different options someone could need, it adapts to multiple screens, it works with the same quality on PC or laptop, and it is free!

Now, to try this tool, you simply have to visit their website. if you want to do that now, simply click on the image below:

Once in the site, go to download, here you will find 2 options, for Windows and Mac. I suggest you to download the latest stable release. 

Greenshot is 100% free for Windows, and their creators say that it will forever be, however, the Mac version is not free, this one can be downloaded from the Mac App Store, and they are currently charging $ 1,99 for the app. In their website they explain why the Mac version is not free. I personally think that the ammount they are charging is really nothing for the excellent quality of the app, and it is really worth it.

Configuration of the best app to take a screenshot on PC or laptop

Once you download the app, install it, and right click on the icon of the app found in “show hidden icons”. Choose preferences and here a new window will appear were you can choose the best options for you, for example language, launch on startup, output, hot keys, etc. 

Best simple way to take a screenshot on PC or laptop

The preferences

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Best simple way to take a screenshot on PC or laptop

The settings configuration  window

I my case, I configured the app to capture using the Imp pant key.

Once the configuration is complete, you can start using the app. Learning to use it is very simple and intuitive. But if you need more details you can visit either the FAQ section or the HELP SECTION, where you can clarify all your doubts.

Easy access to different options

When you right click on the app icon, the different quick options will be displayed, here you can remember the hotkeys selected or simply click on the option you want to use, as well as access the configuration or the Help.

Best simple way to take a screenshot on PC or laptop

When you use a capture option and select the choosen area, another display appears where you can choose the destination of your capture:

Best simple way to take a screenshot on PC or laptop

In this pannel you can choose either to save the capture or send it to other app for editing. Two options that are interesting are, “send to MS Paint” or, even more interesting, “Open in image editor”, this is an option that have some basic editing capabilities.

Image editor in action

Try it. You will find that despite being free, it has several characteristics that make it a very useful and easy tool to take a screenshot on PC or laptop.

Enjoy it!

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