Having lost my job and being in the need to get ready for the challenges of the “new reality” we all are living, I wondered, “where can I learn programming for free with certifications to get a job in IT?” So, I decided to surf the violent waters of the internet and get that precious site that would allow me to be ready for the challenges set before me. What did I find? A great site that provides what you and me need to learn programming as a beginner for free with certifications and get ready for a job in this fascinating field.

I found freeCodeCamp, a site that claims having helped 40.000 people land a developer job after completing their learning path. It offers comprehensive courses with emphasis in doing several projects that, at the end, validate your new skills, in other words, you learn by doing. The subjects of study are well chosen and cover what the job market is currently demanding. They also provide a 100% free certification for every course, that you can include in yoour resume or Linkedin profile. This is really a site that sticks to its promise of helping people to learn programming for beginners for free with certificates. But, what´s in it for you? Let´s get into what it has for you and how you can benefit from it.

What can I learn for free?

Everything! At the moment this site offers the following courses to be completed in this order:

learn programming for free courses

What to expect?

Once you access each course, you will find a general description of its content, and then a step by step explanation of the different sub-courses included and the projects or activities you need to complete in order to get the free certification.

For example, in the first one: Responsive Web Design, you see this explanation:

learn English for free, Responsive

Then it describes the following sub-courses:

  • Basic HTML and HTHL5
  • Basic CSS
  • Applied Visual Design
  • Applied Accessibility
  • Responsive Web Design Principles
  • CSS Flexbox
  • CSS Grid


Each sub-course comes with a complete description of topics covered and activies. You must sign in to save your progress as you move forward.

What is the learning path?

As I descrbed before, the learning path is fully described when you expand the initial course access page, the first one. You need to review each indiviual course, in the order it is suggested by the site, that will give you a full coprehension of the whole training learning path. However, I made this slides to show a bird´s eye view of the learning path. 

Do they have videos?

Not all courses have videos, but, yes, some do. They even have a Youtube Channel with several programming courses.

You can visit their channel in freCodeCamp

What are the projects?

You will find the explanation of the projects to be made at the end of each course desciption. Remember that this is what matters more than the certification itself, because nowadays recruiters are more interested in what you can actually do than in what you say you can do.

For example, these are the projects to complete for Responsive Web Design and JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures:

learn programming for free, projects1
learn programming for free, projects1

Do they offer any certification?

Yes, every course gives you a 100% free certification. This is the evidence that you have succesfully completed both the topics and the projects. You can include these certifications in your resume or Linkedin page for recruiters to review.

How does this benefit me?

Following the site´s proposed lerning path will prepare you to get a programming job, a field that is growing all over the world. You will learn both the theory and will have hands on experience, things that are of real value when applying for a job because it shows recruiters that you are the one for the job and that you have the necessary skills they are looking for. ALL 100% PROGRAMMING FOR FREE! What else can you ask for?


freeCodeCamp is a great site for beginners who want to learn programming for free with certification  and get ready to apply for a job as a programmer. It gives you what you need to get started with good foundations. It is not just a collection of information but an structured program that will take you step by step through their learning path, not only providing the fundamental information and more, but also good practical practice through the projects at the end of each course.

I really believe that it´s worth a try. Explore it, learn througgh it and decide if you want to continue in an IT career. If you finally decide to do so, use it as a springboard for more advanced studies. Good luck!

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