The 7 best ergonomic chairs to work long hours

Having a good chair to work is as important as having the right computer and office equipment, especially when you have to be seated for long hours, because choosing the right chair can affect the quality of your life and health, For this reason I bring to you my choice of the 7 best ergonomic chairs to work long hours. 

Description of the 7 best ergonomic chairs to work long hours

This chair offers a dynamic matrix of “pixels” that allows the seat and back to automatically adjust to your every movement, while the chair’s center column and flexible ribs work to maintain proper posture, regardless of whether you lean forward or reclined.

These movement capabilities also help promote better flow of your blood and oxygen. In addition, it has an advanced tilt mechanism that helps combat unwanted stress on the hip, neck, and lower back.

Herman Miller Embody fits your body perfectly, comes in a variety of colors, and features a skin-like cover for increased airflow.

Watch a short video of this wonderful chair, one of the 7 best ergonomic chairs to work long hours:

The Steelcase Gesture is one of the most elegant office chairs on the market. Its unique shape at the rear of the back with a pronounced curvature and its flexibility makes the chair compatible with the natural shape of the spine and helps to minimize stress on the lower back.

As if that were not enough, it also has an ergonomic structure to place the arms so they can rest while you write.

It physically has a semi-matte finish on the back and a polished metal wheelbase that complement the modern design of the chair. Steelcase claimed that its Gesture chair is capable of supporting up to a maximum of 400 pounds, which means that weight shouldn’t be an issue.

For a long time, the Steelcase Leap has been the company’s flagship for being one of the most popular office chairs on the market, due to all the careful research that went into creating it, the dedication that went into making it. and of course, the result that is amazing.

This chair relies on the company’s LiveBack system, which allows you to conveniently and independently adjust the seat and back of the chair for better support. Plus, the back mimics the natural shape of your spine throughout the day, helping to promote better posture, while the chair’s innovative sliding system lets you recline without having to orient yourself away from your computer.

This chair is definitely one of the 7 best ergonomic chairs to work long hours.

While the DXRacer Formula series is actually a gaming chair, it has plenty of ergonomic features to help you feel like royalty, as you send your morning report to the boss.

This chair has an adjustable lumbar pillow and a head pillow, which allows you to feel really comfortable, as if you were sitting on your bed. In addition, you have the possibility to move the seat back and the armrests as you wish, to adapt to your posture, but remember that a straight back helps to keep your spine aligned.

But what makes it really special is that when you sit in it, it feels like you’re piloting a spaceship instead of answering emails. Without any doubt, it is one of the 7 best ergonomic chairs to work long hours.

Not only does this chair feature a full mesh backrest, it also has multiple easy-to-use functions like tilt tension control, back angle adjustment, and lumbar support, plus the normal set of adjustments to customize height and angle. incline.

Today there are a plethora of models to choose from, some of which substitute mesh seats for padded leather cushions, designed to give you more comfort during marathon work sessions.

Although it is not economical, all the functions they have, make it worth the investment

Knoll Generation gray office chair – fully adjustable arms with ergonomics – lumbar support – aluminum base – seat slider.
High-performance, height-adjustable arms, seat slider and tilt lock.
Gray cloth seat, desert gray / gray flexible back, polished aluminum base and hard wheels (suitable for carpets or floors).

The flexible high-performance elastomeric mesh at the back supports your back, providing comprehensive lumbar support, and the figure 8 structure allows for multi-dimensional movement.
The continuous lumbar bar carries lumbar support from the back on the arms to support the lateral seat.
The tilt preference selector offers three ranges of recline motion.

The Sayl is Herman Miller’s opportunity for a budget chair, and while it cuts corners in terms of customization, the offering still manages to provide healthy support within a package that guarantees more than just looks. The chair’s smart, frameless backrest lets you move freely between positions, as the flexible filaments provide additional support with varying thicknesses and tensions. The designer Yves Behar relied on the construction of the strands in the framework of the suspension bridges, which – structurally – offer a great number of functions for the amount of material used. The backrest prevents slouching, with or without the optional lumbar support. 

In summary

There´s no doubt that choosing the right ergonomic chair to work long hours is worth your time and money, review your options, go for the best, and remember that this decision will affect your health and general wellbeing.

This is just and small review of the many offers available in the market. I hope it will help you to decide which chair is the best for you.

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