Today I want you to know the best 100% free painting software. It is very important for internet entrepreneurs, illustrators, and digital artists, as well as students, to have the right tools for their jobs. However, the branded tools available in the market could be prohibitive for starters and for those living in other countries different to America.

And the thing is that, even with a promotion, someone could end paying $ 360.00 per year to use, for example, the Adobe Creative Cloud, as you can see in he following picture:

Adobe Creative Cloud prices

For someone running an stablished and recognized bussiness, paying this amount could be ok, but that could not be that easy for others.

But there are alternatives, and today  I want to show you the 2 BEST 100% FREE PAINTING SOFTWARE.

Let´s start with Krita

KRITA the first best 100% free painting software

What is Krita? According to their web page: “Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.

  • concept art
  • texture and matte painters
  • illustrations and comics

You can visit their web page here:

And you can download the sofware here:  DOWNLOAD

What can you do with Krita? Well, more or less, what you can do with other paid software, same quality of work. Let´s see some examples taken from their website:

As you can see, Krita offers all the tools that you need to create outstanding art work. That´s why it is one of the best 100% free painting software.

Krita´s Features

Kritas website mentions sobe basic features as:

  • A great user interface that can be customized and saved to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Brush stabilizers that you can use to stabilize your brush strokes.
  • A pop-up palette that you can display by right clicking on the scrren, which let you chose the colors when you need it.
  • Brush engines that allow you to customize the brushes that you need.
  • Wrap-around mode, that let you create easily seamless textures and patterns.
  • Resource Manager that make possible to expand the tools that you use by importing texture and brush packs created by other artists.

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Other features include:

  • Drawing Assistants
  • Mirroring Tools
  • Layer Management
  • Selections
  • Layer Masks
  • Full Color Management
  • OpenGL Enhanced
  • PSD Support
  • HDR Support
  • Transform Tools
  • Training Resources
  • Color Palette

To review a more detailed description visit their website: Highlights

Krita´s web site come with a number of resources, including a user manual and tutorials, to help newbies learn to use it. Another reason to be considered as one of the best 100% free painting software:



Here you can have a view of the user interface, showing the menus, tools, some brushes, etc. A whole range of reesources for the art creator.

Here you can watch the software in action:

MediBang Paint Pro the se4cond best 100% free painting software

The second best 100% free painting software is MediBang Paint pro, which you can download from here:

 You can visit their webpage here:

This softare comes in different versions for different devices like PC, iPad, iPhone, Android. Here you can see the software in action:

MediBang Paint Pro´s Features

  • Cloud features that make possible to transfer your files between different devices.
  • The software has over 800 tones and backgrounds, over 50 brushes, and 20 fonts every thing for free.
  • Team work using the cloud to work in group projects.

The web page also come with tutorials that you can use to learn to use this tool and create with it. You can see the aveilable tutorials here:

But, What can you do with MediBang PaintPro? Here you can see some of the art work that you can create with this software:

Get it in Amazon.

Now, this is the look of the interface, where you can see some of the tools that this software has and some strokes made by me usign the different brushes and colors:

In summary: The benefit for you

Even thought this is not paid software, both Krita and MediBang Paint pro, are complete softwares with a range of tools and support to make even the most challenging design or art work, and completely FREE! Not a cent spent, no regular fees, nothing.

All you have to do is download the software, learn to use it through the free tutorials and free your mind to create the most fascinatng digital art. Enjoy the best 100% free painting software.

I hope this post will be of benefit to you, share your comments, subscribe to receive updates, and visit our sponsors.

Good luck!


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