How to restart a computer with keys

how to restart a computer with keys

Sometimes you need to restart or shutdown  your computer but don´t want to do it the traditional way, which is simply clicking on the Start icon, then on the Power icon and then on Shutdown or Restart, but want to try a different approach, something more direct, may be more “professional”. Well, I´ve checked how to do it and let me share with you the easiest and more direct ways to restart your computer with keys or, if you prefer shut it down.

How to restart your computer with keys, easiest and more direct ways

To begin with, let me tell you that I haven´t found a key combination that by itself restarts or shutdowns the computer directly. If you had, please let me know.

However, I´ve found 4 simple ways to do it using key combinations to access the prompts that restart or shut the computer down.

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Before restarting or shutting down the computer, remember to save your work and close all documents and programs to avoid loss of information, and of your precious time, of course. 

The four ways to restart your computer with keys

1. Ctrl + Alt + Del

By clicking Ctrl + Alt + Del together, we will access the Windows Security Screen. You will see a blue screen with different options. You will also see a Power Icon on the right down corner, click on it and it will display the options for restarting and shutting down the computer.

restart computer with keys

2. Win + X

When using the combination Win + X, you will display the power  tools menu. 

Once that menu is diaplayed, click on the U key and the Shut down menu will be displayed. Click on U again if you want to shut down the machine or R if you want to restart it.

restart computer with keys
restart computer with keys

In summary, the combinations would be:

To shut the computer down:

Win + x, U, U

To restart the computer

Win + X, U, R

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3. Alt + F4

In order to use this combination, you need to be on the Windows 10 desktop, once there press:

Alt + F4.

This combination will display the Shut Down Windows dialog box, here you can browse the options and choose wether you want to shut it down or restart.

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restart computer with keys

4. Windows + X, PowerShell , shutdown /s

You can use PowerShell or the Command prompt to shutdown or restart the computer. To do this type:

Win + X

That will show a menu, here you can type either:

C or I to access as non administrator, or

A to accsess as an administrator

Here you can type:

To shutdown the computer:

shutdown /s 

To rtestart the computer

shutdown /r

Remember to leave a space after shutdown.

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restart computer with keys

Summary of how to restart a computer with keys

In summary, these are the 4 different ways torestart or shutdown a computer with keys:

  1. Ctrl + Alt + Del  Shut Down button on right down corner, choose option
  2. Win + X, U, U (to shutdown)  Win + X, U, R (to restart)
  3. Alt + F4, choose option
  4. Win + X, type C, I or A (to enter as admin or not), shutdown /r   or  shutdown /s

I hope you find this information useful. Good luck!

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