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Your cellphone is full of pictures, videos, documents and other information that you receive every hour of every day from different sources. Eventually, that deluge of information will render your phone slow and will create performance problems. There is also the possibility of losing that valuable information if for some reaso you happen to lose your phone. I have been having that same problem for some months, but not more. I´ve found an easy and fast way to transfer files from phone to pc and viceversa, freeing my phone storage space and making possible to save that information in a safer location. Read this article and learn how you can also do it.

The solution I am talking about is Snapdrop. In my experience, I can say, after trying different apps, connections and sites, the best easy and fast way to transfer files from phone to pc and viceversa. And not just that, you can transfer to any device, being, laptops, tablets or others as long as these are connected to the same network,


What you need to do

It is very simple, you simply open your browser  both in the Pc or laptop and the phone and type

After that you will see the two devices on the screen and once you click in either one, a new window wil open where you can choose the files you want transferred. 

PC view

best easy way to trabsfer files from phone to pc view

PHONE view

Once you have the site open in both devices, you need to click on the name of the one where you want the files to be transfered. This will open another window where you can chose the files that you want to transfer; you can display a side pannel where you have more options for file choosing:

Choose files

First page to choose files

choose a file options

Display panel to choose the type of file to transfer

Different folders to select the type of file to transfer

Files chosen


The options that you will find

And that´s it! The files will start to be transfered. In this final step, you will see a mesage requesting to confirm the transfer, if you are transfering several files, you can disable this request by clicking in the checkbox.

checkbox 1
checkbox 2

Now you can relax and see your files being transfered.


Other options

On the rigth top corner you will find the different options

  • Install Snapdrop
  • Enable notifications
  • Switch Darkmode/Light mode
  • About Snapdrop

Click on the last one to review the different asked questions.

What characteristics does it have?

This site has some very interesting characteristics:

It uses a P2P connection if WebRTC is supported by the browser. 

None of your files are ever sent to any server. Files are sent only between peers. 

Your files are sent using WebRTC, which encrypts them on transit.

Unlike many other web-based services, you can open Snapdrop on two devices on the same local network and send a file—the file will be transferred over your local network, not via the internet.

What´s in it for me?

Simplcity. The trabsfer proces is smooth, very simple and fast, as the title says its the “BEST EASY AND FAST WAY TO TRANSFER FILES FROM PHONE TO PC AND VICEVERSA”.

You don´t need to do any difficult configuration and it has fewer simple steps.

In conclusion

If you want to transfer files in the most simple way, this is the app for you. Save time, avoid any hassles.

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