Best two simple methods to record audio from website

record audio from website

Have you ever needed to record audio that you can´t download from a website?

May be you need to create content and get the audio embedded in a website but it is not possible to download it, or you want to record some music or a piece of audio with not complications.

This is what happened to me, for that reason I´ll show you the best two simple methods to record audio from a website that have proven useful to me.

First best simple method to record very short audios from website

The first option for short audios is a Chrome extension called Chrome Audio Capture. You simply have to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store in this link:

Once you install the extension:

1.- Select the audio that you need to record

2.- Go to the to right top corner and click on the red round icon that identifies the extension

3.- Then clisk on START CAPTURE in the pop up window

4.- Click on the file to be recorded

5.- Once the recording finishes, click on the round red icon again and select SAVE CAPTURE, name your file as you wish and save it,

6.- Close the extension.

Second best simple method to record audios from website

The second method to record audios from website is using the free software Audacity.

You can download it free from their website:

Audacity record audio from website

Once you install it, open it and choose the recording device, try and test, untill you find the one your system uses. In my case this is my configuration:

Newegg Business
Audacity record audio from website

Now that yor configuration is ready , click on record and start recording, once you are done recording, click on File – Export and choose the format that you want to save your recording.

For detailed instructions visit this links with a more detailed tutorial:

FastTech DJI
Audacity 3 record audio from website

Choose the method that best fits your needs; the first one for really short audios, the second one for long audios. Make sure you are not violating propietary rights when recording the audios.

Good luck!

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