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Your computer crashes! It gets slow. You can´t work with 3 or 4 programs open at the same time and then you discover that the reason for this is the pdf reader you are using. You need a solution to work in a stable environment, for this reason, I want to share the solution that I´ve found, the Best free light pdf reader for Windows 10.

The answer is simple and surprising.  the best free light pdf reader for Windows 10 is the default Windows 10 web browser: Microsoft Edge. Let me explain you why.

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Why Microsoft Edge is the Best free light pdf reader for Windows 10


I teach English online, my classes start around 3pm and finish around 9 pm, 5 classes in a row, so, I need to have 5 student books opened plus 3 teacher manuals. 

My computer for the classes is not a powerful one, I have 8 gb ram and a regular CPU of up to 2.2 GHz, and not even mention my laptop which has an even lower performance.

I was trying different pdf readers for months, with no success: Nitro Pro, Adobe light Reader, Sumatra, Foxit Reader, you name it! And always got the same results: system unstable, pdf reader crashed, windows freezes, low performance, with the obvious effect on the quality of my classes.  I had to do some extra fixing in my computers to keep the quality of my work.

Finally, after much research, I opened a pdf with Microsoft Edge, and the computers worked just fine with the same burden that other pdf readers couldn´t handle efficiently.

That is basically the reason why I recommend Microsoft Edge as the best free light pdf reader for Windows 10 because my personal experience shows that it can keep the needed stability that other pdf readers do not deliver. 

I need to mention that as I open the books and manuals for the classes, I also open Google Chrome and Brave Browser, as well as Photoshop, Da Vinci Resolve, Camtasia, and Audacity at the same time. This is because whenever I have some time available, I use it to move forward with whatever other work I need to do. 

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Advantages of the Best free light pdf reader for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge has a top tools bar with some basic options, enough to work with it as a good PDF Reader:

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  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Rotate the PDF
  • Fit to Width
  • Page view, one or two.
  • Draw tool, you can choose color and line width
  • Highlight, you can choose color and line width
  • Erase
  • Add text, whish allows you to comment in the pdf, great for classes
  • Print
  • Save
  • Save as

Those options are enough for light work with a pdf, for other advanced things you would need a more complete tool such as Nitro PDF which is one of the best, or Adobe Reader Pro, both are not free in the complete version.

Other browsers such as Google Chrome, Brave, and Firefox, the most usual, don´t have those basic capabilities. Of course, you can read pdfs in all of them, but you can’t annotate, or draw and highlight on  the pdf, which is basically what you need to do when doing some basic tasks, such as studying, or teaching when sharing your screen and you need to highlight something for the students, and most importantly, Microsoft Edge keeps your system stable, allowing you to deliver quality and the focus on your work and not on finding a way to keep it running.

So, I found a solution for a specific need and I hope you find it useful if you are in a similar situation. 

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