Best free hd wallpapers download for computer and mobile

Do you need a wallpaper for your PC? Maybe for your YouTube channel, or your website? Maybe for some personal project? Well, today I want to share with you several sites from where you can do the best free hd wallpapers download for computer and mobile

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My choice of the best free hd wallpapers download for computer and mobile

After reviewing and reviewing, I have chosen the following sites for the variety of images and the quality of them. None is better, the idea of “better” is very relative. I think that to evaluate the sites you have to consider both the offer and the quality of the images, as well as the ease of downloading and free use. So it’s up to you to choose. Use this information as a suggestion.

My recommended sites are:


Read on to learn a little more about each one.

This is one of the older sites, and I actually wrote about it a long time ago. Here you can find many wallpapers that are no longer easily found. Although not all of them are 4K, most are of excellent quality.

You can find them grouped into topics like:

  • Varied images in 4K
  • Varied HD and full HD wallpapers
  • Books
  • Nintendo Retro
  • Wallpapers
  • Fortnite 4k
  • Scenery
  • Gods of egypt
  • Star wars

and many more.

It also has wallpapers for both Android and iPhone. You can find them under the categories:


Here you can see some samples:


For Iphone

The second site from where you can download amazing free computer wallpapers.

This site is very good, the images are of excellent quality. and it is organized into several categories, which in turn, have more varied images. In the upper right corner you can display the categories, which are these:

The site is in English, but the navigation is simple and well organized, when you find an image that you like and click on it, you must click on the box that says “Download” and then on another box that says “Download full resolution image”, then it will download your high quality image.

This is an excellent site, it has hundreds of excellent quality wallpapers, most of them in 4K or 5K format and you have access to mobile wallpapers as well.

The site has many very well organized categories. These are:

  • Abstract
  • Animals
  • Anime 1
  • Art Cars
  • Celebrities
  • City
  • Colors
  • Comics
  • Fantasy
  • Flowers
  • Games
  • Holidays
  • Horror
  • Love
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Other
  • Space
  • Sport
  • Textures
  • Travel       
  • TV Shows

As for the download, once you have chosen the image, you must click on it, then a dialog box opens and you click where it says “Download”, after which the very high quality image will be downloaded.

This site is really good and relatively easy to navigate. It has very high quality images.

It has a search engine where you can search by entering the topic that interests you, it also has a top menu where you can see the main galleries and finally when you scroll down the page, you will see some important galleries, such as:

  • Trending Galleries and Wallpapers
  • Recently Liked Phone Wallpapers
  • Recently Liked Desktop Wallpapers Wallpapers
  • Recently Added Galleries
  • Popular Wallpaper Galleries
  • Popular iPhone Wallpaper Galleries
  • Popular Samsung Wallpaper Galleries
  • Random Wallpaper Galleries

As you can see, they also have backgrounds for iphone and Android.

When you find an image and click on it, a menu is displayed at the bottom with the download format and size options, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone, you choose the one you like, click on it and the image is displayed, Finally you right click and download it.

The last option is This does not have a search engine but it has many categories that are displayed as you scroll through the page. In addition, on the right side there is a link to the wallpaper size that you want to download.

It also has a menu at the top that allows you quick access to some of these categories.

After browsing the categories and once you find the one you like, you click on it, that takes you to a menu where you must click on the word “Download Wallpapaer” and so your image will be downloaded immediately.

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Summary of Download amazing wallpapers for computer for free

These 5 options offer several alternatives from which you can choose, for the different existing devices, be it PCs, tablets or smartphones. Make the most of it.

Good Luck!

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