Free media file converter for pc

Hello, today I want to introduce you to the best free media file converter for PC, an excellent free alternative to convert various types of video, audio, movie and other files. First let me tell you a little about my frustration trying to do this conversion.

What is the best free media file converter for PC?

The best free media file converter for PC is called FORMAT FACTORY.

Keep reading to learn more about this wonder.

My personal experience

The fact is that recently I had the need to convert some videos sent through WhatsApp to mp3 format, which were in mp4 format, others in avi and others in 3gp, so I needed a versatile alternative that can handle these various formats. Some options to upload the files and do the conversion online appeared in the Google browser, but the number of files was enormous and doing so would have taken too much time; on the other hand they did not offer the option to convert 3gp to mp3. Below you can see a screenshot of the browser showing the different online conversion services:

Free media file converter for pc

After continuing the search, the different programs that offered the service began to appear, such as “Wondershare”, “Movavi”, “Mp4-to mp3 converter” and others. At first I thought that I would finally have the software I needed, but although the initial installation was free, then these programs demand payment from you and limit the number of conversions, the conversion time or they put a watermark on the media to make sure you pay for it, I needed a realLy free media file converter for PC.

As far as I am concerned, this practice of does not seem the most appropriate, since they advertise the program as free but later you discover that it is not like that, it seems more honest to me to say it from the beginning and thus prevent the user from wasting their time . It’s basically a matter of respect.

Finally I came across a free media file converter for PC software that I used a few years ago and that turns out to be the best option for this type of conversions: FORMAT FACTORY

Format Factory is free software that you can download from its official page:

free media file converter for PC

When you enter the page you will see that they not only offer you this software but also have two other options to manage photos, but I will talk about that in another post.

free media file converter for PC

The interface of the program looks simple, and for me, who have been working with software for a few years, it doesn’t present any problems.

The page tells us that the program performs the following conversions:

  • Everything to JPG/BMP/PNG/TIF/ICO/GIF/TGA.
  • Rip DVD to video file, Rip Music CD to audio file.
  • MP4 files support iPod/iPhone/PSP/BlackBerry format.
  • RMVB source.
  • PDF to TXT and Office file format.
  • Download the file from the video site

That is to say, it converts between video formats, from video to audio, and can even rip or extract video and audio from DVD or CD, respectively.

It is interesting to note that the extracted ones are compatible with iPod/iPhone/PSP/BlackBerry.

So this program handles the most common formats, it is versatile enough to be able to work with various types of files.

In the download section it offers you to download the latest format for Windows:

Download the installer. You double-click it and continue the installation process. If it offers you to install additional software, click ignore to not install those offers. You let the installation run. If it asks you to download information from your IP, reject it.

Now, I needed the program to be able to handle several files in order to process the large amount that was sent to me, because the program does exactly that, you open it, you choose the type of conversion to perform in the panel on the left: video, audio, image , document, ROM device, DVD, CD, ISO, utilities; in this case we choose audio and then mp3, clicking opens another window where you can specify the output of the conversion:

Using the free media file converter for PC


Main window. You choose destination format, in this case Audio and then MP3:

free media file converter for PC

Another window opens in which we choose output format “Output Setting”:

free media file converter for PC

Here we can choose the parameters we need, in my particular case I chose a bit rate of 128 KB/s, which gives me a quality format at a smaller size, which allows me to put more files:

free media file converter for PC

Once this is done, click OK and then Add File, another window opens where you can add the files you want to convert:

free media file converter for PC

Let’s add several types of files in bulk, as well as a large number of these, this is important because this way we save valuable time and make the work more efficient:

free media file converter for PC

It only remains to click on START, the converted formats go to the folder configured by default, in this case C:\FFOutput

free media file converter for PC
free media file converter for PC

Summary of the best free media file converter for PC

As you can see the program does an excellent job of handling batch files, automating the conversion, offering several conversion options and a wide variety of output format customization.

The program allows you to choose another language for displaying information:

free media file converter for PC

And it comes with “Utilities” which make it possible to mix videos, rename files, mix audio, mix video and audio, mix with audio files and display file information.

This is a very useful program that I personally recommend.

I hope it will be very useful for you,

Good Luck!

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