Easiest way to remove green screen

You need to remove the green screen from your videos, but many times the softwares to do this task have the option to do it hidden inside or behind other option, and this under other options, and you need to enable extra views, etc. 

Most likely, you need a fast, simple and efficient way to do it. After trying a collection of video editing software, I´ve come to the conclusion that this is the best, simplest, and easiest way to remove the green screen. 

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What is the best video editing software to remove green screen?

Camtasia is the best option I´ve found.

I´ve tried several editing software, and none is as simple and direct as Camtasia, with the options just in front of you, very easy to simply click, drag and drop, and do some adjustments.

Why is Camtasia the easiest way to remove green screen?

Because the access to the option is simple and fast to open, it is not hidden under other menus and you don´t need to enable special views to open it.

Also because once you apply the effect to your video, the adjustments to remove the screen are simple as well, and powerful; the final effect is gotten faster and with more precision than with other software. Work flow runs smoothly, making it possible for you to get the best out of your editing time.

Steps to remove green screen with Camtasia

First, you need to open Camtasia, set the size of your video, horizontal or vertical, import the media files you need to work with, create the number of tracks you need, put the media files on your time line, that is, get everything ready.

If you don´t know how to do that, I have written this article “Best way to edit vertical video”. Read it and you will learn how to do this.

remove green screen

Now, once you have the media on the timeline, place the video you want to remove the green screen of, click on it, go to the left, click on “More“, and then on “Visual effects“.

is Camtasia the best?

A new pannel will appear, showing the available effects.

remove green screen

Go all the way down, find the “Remove a color” effect, grab it and drop it on top of the video with the green screen. A new panel will show on the right, with the options to remove the green screen.

remove green screen

Once you dropped the effect on your video, the “Remove a Color” panel appears on the right. It has options you can manipulate to improve the green screen removal.

remove green screen

Choose the color picker tool, on the right, on top of the colors.

remove green screen

Get back to your video, click on the green you need to remove, sometimes you need to try this more than once in order to choose as much green as possible.

remove green screen

After clicking on your video, you will see that the green color disappears and the background video is visible. Now,  adjust the settings Tolerance, and Softness, to improve the effect.

remove green screen

That´s it, you will have your video ready and the green screen perfectly removed without any hassle.

Conclusion of the easiest way to remove green screen

Camtasia is very easy yet powerful to use. I use it regularly for my videos, Youtube shorts, TikTok, etc.

Try it, I´m sure you will find it helpful and simple to use, which will save you precious time. You can download and try for free. You will not be disapointed!

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