Best Keyword Research Tool to find high-value Long Tail keywords

This is an excellent tool I recently found for content creators, affiliate marketers and others working in the internet!

For content creators, affiliate marketers, businesses, and other internet entrepreneurs it is vital to find the right keywords to possition their information in the top ten Google searches and draw visits to their sites.

There are many ideas on how to do it, and while searching for new tips I found this great tool to find high-value Long Tail keywords: Keyword Researcher.

So far, for me, it’s the only SEO software that makes possible to find 
Long-Tail Keywords and also to create SEO-Optimized Content for your website.

Why is it a good option?

This software, is great because with this you can find high-value Long-Tail Keywords from Google AutoComplete, Organize CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner, and write SEO-Optimized Articles for your webpage.

Keyword Researcher is quite  simple to use and helps to discover Long Tail Keywords. It works emulating the way humans use Google autocomplete. It enters and types thousands of queries into Google repeatedly. The thing is that when you type a query in Google, it tries to predict another possible phrase. The software does this for every letter of the alphabet and at the end the final result is hundreds of phrases with Long Tail keywords that you can use to create content.

In the videos uploaded in their website, the creators of Keyword Researcher, show how the software can create a functional SEO strategy from a list of thousands of keywords. The videos describe all the steps starting with the generation of the keywords to the publishing of the content with all the details in between. It is really a complete SEO solution that makes possible to find and manage your keywords and also the articles for your website.

This process is described in the following image also published in their website:

Screen captures

Here you can see some captures I made of the software in action: 

Introduction video
Google Search
Amazon Search
Youtube Search
Write Content Screen


The software also comes with several tutorials that you can access from the main screen, like these:

Searching, sorting and filtering keywords tutorial
Getting Keywords from Google tutorial
Getting Keywors from Amazon tutorial

Some uses for business

Some uses of the software for businesses are:

Look for and find Long Tail keywords with low competition that gives you an advantage in positioning your website in the search results.

You can get a vey big list of keywords from the databases of Google, Youtube and Amazon. This constitutes a very big database taken from what your audience is actually typing or looking for in Google.

Also, it allows you to create articles based on the actual searches performed by people in your niche. This leads to more creative articles connected to the specific needs of your audience.

Yo can answer the question typed by your customers in their searches, allowing you to create content for their specific queries.

All these capabilities make posible for the content creator to satisfy his or her niche, creating relevant content that will build the loyalty of possible customers. It is indeed a great tool and it comes at a reasonable price.

Download it for free from their website, install and try it, I´m sure that you´ll also find it useful and that it will help you to create the content your audience is looking for.


My video

Finally, watch this short video I recorded showing the instalations and initial review of the software.


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